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USB Sensor Interface Module for easy connection of Hydronix Sensors

The USB Sensor Interface Module is designed to allow easy connection between any of the range of Hydronix moisture sensors and a PC or Laptop.

The interface allows the Hydro-Probe, the Hydro-Probe XT, the Hydro-Mix or the Hydro-Probe Orbiter to be easily configured, calibrated and upgraded using Hydro-Com software.

Hydronix offer a complete kit that includes a sensor power supply and all the required cables (shown below). An accompanying CD contains the USB driver, Hydro-Com software and associated user guides which contain detailed instructions and system requirements. Alternatively you may order just the USB module, please contact us for more details.

To see the majority of the configuration options and versatility of the sensors you may install Hydro-Com and run the software without having to attach a sensor. It is free to download the software and full instructions can be found on the Hydro-Com page.

USB Sensor Interface Module - Kit