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Static Pan Mixers

Microwave sensor in a static pan mixer

For static pan mixers, the Hydro-Probe Orbiter is easily mounted onto a vertical 25mm (1 inch) square mild steel bar which is welded to the rotating scraper blade arm.

Rotating Pan Mixers

moisture sensor in a rotating pan mixer

Where possible it is recommended that the Head Unit is mounted above the mixer lid and the Sensing Arm is secured by a bracket attached to the mixer lid.

Bins or Silos

Hydro-Probe Orbiter mounted under a bin or silo

An additional mounting option for the Hydro-Probe Orbiter is in the flow of material underneath a bin.


Hydronix Sensor mounted in conveyor

A Hydro-Probe Orbiter may also be positioned in the flow of material on a conveyor belt or chute