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The Hydro-Probe Orbiter microwave moisture sensor consists of two parts, the head unit which contains the electronics, and the sensing arm, which takes moisture readings. The arm is easily replaceable and cuts through the mix providing a rapid measurement of both moisture and temperature of the material. To extend the wear life of the arm, Hydronix recommends that in all cases the arm is protected from excessive wear by use of a arm guard and protection rings.

Hydro-Probe Orbiter moisture sensor for mixer applications

Rapid Response to Moisture Changes

Unlike other sensors which are positioned so that the material flows over the sensor face, the Hydro-Probe Orbiter is designed to move rapidly through the mix. This provides a very fast response to changes in moisture.

Temperature Measurement

A temperature sensor in the ceramic at the end of the sensing arm provides a fast response reading, enabling temperature correction for adjusting water addition, or for controlling steam heating equipment.

Improved Sampling

The Hydro-Probe Orbiter is installed approximately 50mm above the floor of the mixer. This provides a faster response to added moisture in the mix.

Easy to Install

The Orbiter is easy to install and there is no requirement to cut a hole in the mixer floor.

Low Maintenance

Easy to clean by hosing/brushing to remove build up of materials. Regular checking for wear is required.

No Build Up

Unlike floor mounted sensors, the Orbiter is not affected by uneven mixer floors.

Replaceable Sensor Arm

The main sensor body and electronics are positioned out of the mix, and should not have to be changed. The sensing arm is available as a replacement item, so when worn or damaged, the sensing arm may be changed with only minimal disruption to production.

Different Arm Lengths

Various arm lengths are available depending on the mixer type and fixing position

Rotating Connector

For applications using a static pan mixer a rotating connector is available which provides a reliable connection to the Orbiter while allowing it to rotate.