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Typical Examples for Mounting a Hydro-Probe Sensor

In the Neck of the Bin

Hydro-Probe fitted in the neck of a bin

Preferred position - the Hydro-Probe is fitted in the neck of the bin using a standard mounting sleeve.

Beneath the Bin

Sensor mounted beneath the bin

Where space is very restricted the Hydro-Probe may be positioned below the bin to avoid flow obstruction

Inside the Bin

Hydro-Probe fitted inside the bin

If the neck of the bin is narrow, the Hydro-Probe can be mounted in the bin using a standard mounting sleeve.

Angled for Narrow Neck Bins

Hydro-Probe in a narrow neck bin

The Hydro-Probe may be inclined down at an an angle when the neck of the bin is small.

Wide Bins

Hydro-Probe installed in a wide bin

The extended mounting sleeve will be required with wide bins to ensure that the Hydro-Probe face is in the flowing material.

Conveyors and Belt Feeders

Hydro-Probe mounted on a conveyor belt

The Hydro-Probe may be mounted on conveyors and belt feeders where there is a minimum material depth of 120mm

Vibratory Feeders

The Hydro-Probe may also be used with vibratory feeders.  Please contact our technical support team who will be pleased to provide further details