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Hydro-Mix XT Microwave Sensor - Dimensions

The Hydro-Mix XT is a digital microwave sensor designed to measure moisture in manufacturing industries that use mixers, dryers, conveyors and ducting during processing. Typical applications that use this sensor are varied but include animal feed and grain processing. The Hydro-Mix XT is also suitable for meausuring moisture in liquids or pressurised environments


  • Body: 316 Stainless Steel (Food Safe)
  • Faceplate: Ceramic (Food Safe)
  • Internal Seals: FDA EPDM Approved O-Rings
  • Fixing Plate O-Ring: FDA EPDM Approved


The Hydro-Mix XT is flush mounted with the internal wall using the Fixing Plate Kit.

Analogue Outputs

Two configurable 0-20mA or 4-20mA current loop source available for moisture and temperature. May also be converted to 0-10V DC.

Digital Inputs/Output

Two configurable digital signals available for averaging and alarm functions.

Digital (Serial) Communications

Opto-isolated RS485 2-wire port. Uses Hydro-Com communications protocol for read/write access to sensor parameters and values. RS232 converter, Ethernet and USB interfaces are also available.

Measurement Range

  • Moisture: 0-100%, material dependant.
  • Depth: Approx. 75-100mm, material dependant.

Operating Temperature

Continuous: 0-60°C. The sensor will not measure in ice.

Refresh Rate

Outputs are updated 25 times per second.


The sensor is fitted with an integrated 4m cable for termination in a junction box. Extension cables are available.

Power Supply

+15Vdc to +30Vdc. 4W