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Ethernet Adapter Kit for Hydronix Moisture Sensors

The Ethernet Adapter Kit is designed to provide a simple method for connecting Hydronix moisture sensors and controls. It reduces the need for customers to have expensive cabling and also provides sensor configuration and diagnostic functions across a remote connection. The unit is a small DIN rail mounted module which is compatible with networks using DHCP or fixed IP addresses. It would typically be located in a junction box near to the sensors.

The Ethernet Adapter Kit enables the user to communicate with up to 16 Hydro-Probe, Hydro-Probe Orbiter or Hydro-Mix sensors using one standard Ethernet connection. Sensor parameters can be accessed via a remote connection to provide diagnostics and configuration capabilities using the latest version of Hydro-Com software.

With the optional Ethernet Power Kit, both communications and power can also be provided to the sensors and to a Hydro-Control VI via a standard CAT-5 ethernet cable. This uses the Power Over Ethernet standard (IEEE-802.3af) and removes the need for a local power supply and associated cabling.


Ethernet Adapter Kit: EAK01

This kit is for systems with a local DC power supply and comprises of the Ethernet Adapter and an Ethernet patch cable. This option is suitable for customers who have their own 24V power supply located close to their sensors.

Ethernet Adapter Kit

Ethernet Power Kit - EPK01

This kit provides a second small power adapter module and a power injector. This eliminates the need for a local 24V power supply for the sensors. This kit comes with Ethernet Patch cables and an IEC mains cable and allows customers to remotely power sensors and controls.

Ethernet Power Adapter Kit