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Moisture Control in Clay Brick Production

Moisture measurement and control is an important factor in maintaining consistency and quality when producing clay bricks. Traditionally the moisture content has been controlled manually. However producers have found that introducing microwave sensors from Hydronix is an extremely accurate and effective method to measure moisture in clay brick manufacture.


  • Consistency - Correct mix consistency is repeatable batch after batch
  • Cost reduction - If the moisture in the final mix is known then the correct drying time can be accurately calculated, reducing the number of rejects
  • Environmental - If the moisture in bricks is known before firing then the amount of fuel required can be accurately calculated and adjusted leading to reduced levels of energy used.

Moisture sensors can be fitted in many places during the manufacturing process depending upon the individual plant requirement. Hydro-Probe sensors can be installed in the neck of a bin or underneath the bin gate or above a conveyor belt to measure the moisture of the raw materials before it is fed into the mixing process. Hydro-Mix sensors which are flush mounted, can be installed in twin shaft or ribbon mixers and measure the moisture of the material during mixing. This allows producers to accurately adjust the water addition to ensure that the final mix consistency is correct.

The pictures below show typical positioning of Hydro-Mix sensors in a plant that uses the extrusion method of manufacturing bricks.

For more information, read our Application Note on Moisture Control in Clay Brick Production.

Moisture Measurement at the output of the mixer

At the output of a mixer

Moisture sensor positioned halfway along the brick mixer

Halfway along a mixer

Moisture sensor on the conveyor during clay brick manufacture

At the output of another mixer